god damn the queen

by sandcastles.

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songs about last summer, girls, and substance abuse.
heavily samples from four of my favorite songs.


for sabrinna and limmy.




released August 28, 2012

xtra vox - desiree & akida
production - yung sandcassy




sandcastles. Columbia, South Carolina

soda city sadcore

bummer pop

god's cutest idiot

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Track Name: god bless it
i got hickie scars on my chest from three years ago.
she woke up in my bed the next day and said
try not to catch an attraction.

god damn you.
god damn everyone.

last night i murdered an angel in cold blood,
married a redhead in florida
then i woke up.

everyone is beautiful.
everyone is terrible.

god damn sleep.
god damn everything.
god damn me
god damn the queen
Track Name: secret handshake
tell me
when you
black out
i wanna black out with you

there's something going on
and no one knows about it
no one knows about it
but us

i know
that you
have pills.
i wanna take them with you.
Track Name: nico tina
i can't get what i want
i don't know what i need

every girl i've ever loved
has made me want to die
at one point or another.

everyone beautiful don't know my name

i don't think i should try
any more.
Track Name: yr stumbling
leather jackets on the fourth of july
cocaine and 34 year old girls

drinking tequila before noon at madison's
hating everyone who lives on this planet

all these people who refuse to take care of themselves
are just like me.
but at least i'm trying.

have you seen the one where the cool kids lose
that's us.

won't you drink codeine with me
and watch that orange vhs