by sandcastles.

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four flawed songs about insecurity and depression.

written & recorded in the fall of 2015 in soda city, sc

recorded and released quickly. forgive/embrace all flaws.

please take care of yourselves



released November 12, 2015

similar & worth it produced by rich engli$h (soundcloud.com/iamrichenglish)

everything else by bakari lebby




sandcastles. Columbia, South Carolina

soda city sadcore

bummer pop

god's cutest idiot

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Track Name: similar
i want the people i care about to be proud of me
i dont want much, but i know what i want

i am just so sick of feeling sad and lonely
don't you tell me you don't feel something similar
Track Name: worth it
do you think you’re losing your edge?
i think i am
in my mid twenties
feels like i’m doing nothing
but making plans
that can’t seem to come together yet
this year i’m trying to weather it
but it seems to push back on me
and knock me on my ass.
i thought i’d get a pass
for being special
but special don’t last
and neither will i
but i gotta try
and trying just ain’t as easy as it used to be
so many wasted opportunities
and a fucked up past
and the future’s fast
and i can’t catch up.
i swear it feels like i’ve had enough
and the road is rough
i look around my room and all i see is stuff
and no substance.
i wanna be perfect
i wanna feel worth it.
Track Name: lullaby
you used to feel so alone,
but now you feel more lonely than before

you thought that you would be just fine,
but you’re not fine
Track Name: home
at least i’ve got this bourbon
and my looks about me
the world smiles at me
and i smile back
until i step in front of a mirror
there’s the place i truly don’t belong
i never feel at home when i’m at home

don’t get lost in the summer
the heat and shine make you feel alive
but it won’t last forever

don’t get caught in your feelings
feelings change but people don’t
but their ideals do

don’t hate the shape that you are
you are perfect even when you
don’t like what you see

and maybe i’ll feel alright at the end of next year