american tongues

by sandcastles.

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five flawed songs about summer.
sample based.

thanks for listening



released June 5, 2013

produced by yung sandcassy




sandcastles. Columbia, South Carolina

soda city sadcore

bummer pop

god's cutest idiot

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Track Name: permafrost
oh my god
who are you
why are you talking calling me family
i don't know you
i've barely met you
you don't really mean jack shit to me

oh my god
you came at me
why are you upset i'm not calling
you back but
you never called me
until the year that i turned sixteen
yr too late now
i'm not sorry
because you never even really tried to know me at all
Track Name: american tongues
these reds have been fucking my voice up
but i keep smoking
these drinks have been fucking my brain up
but i won't stop drinking
and i ain't gonna cut my hair
mom says it won't get me work
but i don't care.
i don't give a damn
let's get outta here
for at least a week.
i'm sick of the city

i just wanna see a beach
and i wanna hold your hand

i wanna be with you

you royally fucked my shit up
but i keep calling you
i don't mean much to you
but you say you miss me
and i know that i'll die alone
and that's not okay, but i'll take it
over dying
around people i
can't give a fuck about

if you would try not to treat me like such a raging cunt
that would be fucking great

pour me up a simple drink
and pass me some of that adderall
Track Name: dumb
college is dumb
i wish that i left
after my first year

yeah it's dumb, but i'd do it again

liquor is dumb
but i love it.
i love gettin drunk
in yr suburban arms
Track Name: home alone
florida is stealing her away from me
but i need her. she's my sister.
she's got a guy i know she's got to go
and i'll grit my teeth and smile for her. she's happy.

charleston ain't all it's cracked up to be, believe me.
yr just trying to escape from bad habits
you told me it's just as bad as columbia
but yr gonna stay there, cuz you don't really wanna come home

i don't wanna be left alone
i don't wanna be left alone in this city
but everyone keeps leaving
everyone keeps growing up
Track Name: new romanticism
all i really want to do is drink and sit in the sun
and smoke cigarettes by the pool all day every day.
it's the summer. a fucking bummer.

i wanna play shows with my band
and all our friends should be there
and we can get drunk together. it's perfect weather
and it's columbia. what else is there to do?